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15 Best Branding Podcasts to Help You Up Your Business

Listen to these branding podcasts for first-hand tips from entrepreneurs and designers to bring your brand to the next level.

Written by RamotionJan 13, 202312 min read

Last updated: Feb 25, 2024

A good brand should be more than just your logo and slogan - it should encapsulate your values, communicate the quality of your products or services and resonate with your target audience. Branding podcasts can be an excellent way to learn how to develop your brand, whether you are working on it yourself or hiring someone else to do it.

If you’re trying to improve your branding strategy and learn from other practitioners in the field, finding the right podcasts to listen to can be a bit challenging and time-consuming. Fortunately, our branding experts have done this hard work for you!

We’ve made a list of the 15 best branding podcasts that will help you stay on top of the latest marketing trends and hear first-hand advice from industry professionals on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to branding.

Brands on Brands

Brands on Brands is a podcast hosted by Brandon Birkmeyer, a brand strategist and marketing consultant with over 18 years of experience on top 100 international brands such as Coca-Cola, Apple, Walmart, and Wells Fargo.

With nearly 200 episodes under its belt at the moment, the podcast features interviews with leading business professionals from all spheres of marketing touching upon such important topics as the power of reputation, your identity; how to build a personal branding project from scratch; improve website usability; determine your company's intended goals or brand purpose; using tools like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to communicate your company's brand identity; determining your brand purpose—and so much more!

Brand Design Masters

Brand Design Masters is a podcast hosted by Philip VanDusen, an experienced marketer with over 25 years of experience in branding strategy, graphic design, and creative leadership for some of the world's most famous global retailers.

In the series, Philip’s guests share professional insights on brand positioning strategy on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the importance of introducing visual branding elements to your logo, figuring out what type of content your market likes to consume, what type of content you can deliver, and finding the sweet spot that makes you visible where you need to be, finding fresh content ideas, how to maximize the returns of the content you create and increase your sales ten-fold through content repurposing, etc.

Let’s Talk Branding

Let's Talk Branding is a branding podcast for marketers and entrepreneurs hosted by Stef Hamerlinck, a brand expert who talks about everything related to branding - online and offline.

In over one hundred episodes, Steph and his guests explore branding strategies for startups that don't have the luxury of unlimited budgets. Topics range from brand choosing the best digital marketing strategy and community building for new brands to the role of corporate reputation in brand positioning.

Each episode features interviews with experts from all over the world.

One of the recent episodes worth tuning in to features the head of digital development for the B2B Institute at LinkedIn Peter Weinberg talking about common misconceptions in B2B marketing, building a successful business-to-business (B2B) company on a tight budget, and similarities between B2B and B2C markets.

Let's Talk Branding also hosts episodes where Stef shares insights about life lessons that he's learned when it comes to branding - things that are invaluable if you're looking to take your brand to the next level.

Let's Talk Branding also hosts episodes where Stef shares insights about life lessons that he's learned when it comes to branding - things that are invaluable if you're looking to take your brand to the next level.

JUST Branding

The JUST Branding podcast, hosted by Jacob Cass & Matt Davies is aimed at helping designers and entrepreneurs grow brands while bridging the gap between strategy and design.

Each episode outlines the main principles of developing successful brands - with expert insight, actionable tips, and resources to help listeners obtain expert knowledge in various areas of brand development. Alongside branding experts from around the world who join them in discussing topics such as innovative social media marketing strategies to increase engagement, the importance of using the right tools when designing logos or naming businesses, they also cover branding fundamentals, like why tone-of-voice matters or what constitutes a meaningful logo design or identity scheme.

Making the Brand

Making The Brand is a podcast by Billy Draper, with over 40 episodes that give listeners an inside look at what it takes to create remarkable experiences and develop great brands. In each episode, the host interviews founders of consumer-facing companies - from fashion designers to coffee shops - and talks about how they built extraordinary brands from zero.

If you're curious about how branding works (and want to learn about some cool products in the process), Making The Brand is just for you!

On Brand

On Brand is a weekly podcast, hosted by a personal branding strategist Nick Westergaard, which helps you promote your brand in one of many ways - through social media or creative services.

Each episode features an interview with marketing or communications professionals such as the ones who work at Adobe, Ben & Jerry's, Cisco, Maker's Mark, NVE Experience Agency, The Onion, Salesforce, and Whole Foods among others; this podcast talks about how to be culturally connected with today's consumers while staying true to what makes your company unique.

Whether it is speaking about how brands can be more meaningful in today’s era of technological disruption (purpose-driven branding), telling the story behind your visual identity (the art of visual storytelling) so that others will understand what makes your company special (cultural empathy), or addressing intercultural relations within advertising – On Brand podcast covers them all!

The Unified Brand

The Unified Brand is a brand building, and marketing podcast by Chris Outlaw that helps directors, founders, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs to unify their brands and stand out from the crowd.

Some of the most well-known, successful brands in the world ensure that every single thing related to their company is unified and goes hand-in-hand with other aspects because it is all fueled by a solid goal or motive.

In the series, branding professionals will show you first-hand examples of creating a successful brand purpose strategy, ensuring all communication channels are interconnected with one another and convey a clear message.

Short episodes will give you an insider's perspective on discovering and uncovering your business' hidden gems; plus ways of harnessing them to enrich your customer experience through simplicity.

Brand Tuned

Brand Tuned is a branding podcast hosted by Shireen Smith, the founder of Azrights International - a UK-based intellectual property law firm.

After more than two decades of assisting entrepreneurs and marketing firms with IP-related issues such as naming, trademark registrations, and copyright laws, among others, she has observed how little these experts understand the importance of property rights and their implications for business owners now more than ever. This sparked her idea for Brand Tuned, an informative podcast dedicated to uncovering the relationship between intellectual property and brands to protect them while raising awareness within the marketing community through discussion on all stages of identity design creation.

In the series, Shireen and her guests explain the various stages of identity design creation, answering questions on intellectual property rights and what they mean to branding.

The Logo Geek

Every brand has a distinctive attribute that makes it stand out from the rest and doesn't require complicated explanations. A logo is a fundamental element of every company that can either make or break its success. If you want to learn more about logo design, we highly recommend checking out the Logo Geek Podcast. Hosted by award-winning logo expert Ian Paget, the Logo Geek is an online marketing podcast featuring interviews with successful graphic designers and entrepreneurs.

In addition to showcasing how entrepreneurs bridge the gap between creative ideas and popular brands, Ian’s guests also shed light on important topics such as trademarking, getting client feedback while designing logos, color palette theory; and more!

If you are interested in starting a new project or are just curious about different logo design techniques, this podcast will provide you with insightful solutions to tackling logo design challenges and exploring the modern logo design industry from a different perspective.

How Brands Are Built

How Brands are Built is a podcast series hosted by Rob Meyerson, a San Francisco-based branding expert.

This branding podcast explores all the steps of the brand development process including naming, positioning, promotion, and launch. Brand strategists share their insights on how to combine different brands to create one cohesive identity while touching upon topics like what makes good design, diversity in the sphere of design and branding, or using design thinking or lean startup principles to work with large companies.

How Brands Are Built has taken a unique approach by focusing on brand challenges that have a long-term impact on a company's image, providing listeners with practical tips and perspective into what goes into making brands successful, and providing real tools to help them build an award-winning brand.

Real-World Branding

Real-World Branding is a podcast about brand and business building hosted by Bill Gullan, President of Finch Brands, where listeners learn how to design and build brands in the real world by applying practical lessons learned from people who've done it themselves. Every episode features an intimate conversation with someone involved in entrepreneurship, company management, or marketing—with conversations ranging from sprints applied to branding initiatives to generating customer loyalty through utilizing UX/UI design principles.

Each guest shares personal stories about their path to success and struggles along the way, providing listeners with insights into industries that range from banking and finance to the food industry.

It's an inspiring journey shared by these entrepreneurs who tell listeners what worked (and didn't work) for them.

Branding Matters

A strong brand is crucial to the success of your business. It's your voice, your personality, and your very essence all rolled into one that makes customers fall in love with your company and stay loyal to your brand long-term.

Branding Matters is a podcast hosted by Joelly Goodson, an award-winning branding expert who has spent over 20 years helping business leaders shape their unique tone of voice and brand identity - without sacrificing their authenticity or integrity throughout the branding process.

As part of Feedspot's ranking of the 10 Best Branding Podcasts in Canada, this show also made it onto their list for being among the best indie marketing podcasts out there.

If you want to transform yourself from someone without a skill set or knowledge about how branding works into someone recognized for expertise in this field, this podcast is worth checking out!

Big Brand Formula

If you're looking to beef up your branding strategy, then you might be wondering what other things could go into making it stand out from all the rest apart from a nice logo and a user-friendly website.

Well, unfortunately, this question doesn’t have an easy answer because there are too many different factors that come into play when it comes to creating an impactful brand for your business.

Luckily, Gerry Foster, the world-famous professional in the field of small-business branding, has created his podcast called Big Brand Formula where he talks about what it means to have a strong personal brand and how to differentiate oneself from competitors.

Throughout the series, Gerry and his guest speakers discuss branding strategies such as making use of social media, creating compelling content, building a community around your brand, addressing customers' pain points, and many more. Furthermore, they walk listeners through the challenges they faced when starting their company, providing insights into how they can succeed by standing out from the crowd.

Real Personal Branding

The Real Personal Branding podcast is hosted by Lauren V. Davis and has featured notable influencers and successful personalities. From branding industry experts and successful entrepreneurs to marketers and writers - this podcast show offers some fantastic insights into how one can take their business to the next level.

There is an undeniable power in cultivating a personal brand identity that best represents us, especially when it comes to using social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram where we have unlimited exposure opportunities.

For those looking to grow their following, there is no better way than by building a trustworthy relationship-driven personal brand. In the series, Lauren interviews several different thought leaders on topics such as increasing Instagram following, improving visibility on social media platforms, the role of content in branding, and many more.

The Business of Branding

The Business of Branding is the best branding podcast when it comes to giving you a first-hand experience of building a big brand from scratch. Hosted by Nikki Arensman, it provides insightful guidance for individuals who want to create a memorable and successful brand, teaching you how to grow successful brands even on a small budget.

Over the past decade, Nikki has created some seven-figure apparel brands before becoming an entrepreneur mentor that helps others build up their strategies so they can create their passive income streams.

The podcast features interviews with designers and company owners, as well as detailed tactics for mastering success while balancing budgets, giving listeners the inspiration and guidance they need to start building their successful brands.


It’s no secret that branding has changed drastically over the last decade, and those who are marketing their brands and businesses need to keep up with the latest trends.

Branding podcasts are an amazing resource for those looking to promote their brand and expand their social media presence, learn about the latest trends in branding, and hear from some of the most well-respected brand strategists and marketing experts.