Guide to Successful SaaS Web Design

SaaS websites occupy a unique niche in the web design sphere. They are created to convert. Follow our best practices to know how to craft them properly.

Written by RamotionOct 26, 20206 min read

Last updated: Feb 9, 2024

SaaS website, or in other words, software as a service, is a special kind of corporate website. It differs from the others with its close relation to the marketing World. At some point, it reminds a classic high-converting promotional email newsletter that not only advocates the product but also brings value to the prospects to encourage clicks and leads.

To create a successful SaaS website is quite tricky. The deal is you need to balance between the promotional part and informational part and with all that stand out from the crowd of lookalike corporate websites. Your goal is to create a web design that converts since marketing websites are all about raising revenue. Nevertheless, your commercial intentions should not be evident since pushy strategies and naked advertisement scare away even the warmest leads.

Let us consider some common characteristics of high-converting SaaS websites and the best tips and tricks to make everything right.

Characteristics of High-Converting SaaS Websites

The successful corporate website does several important things:

  • It builds trust.
  • It brings value.
  • It ensures a sense of security.
  • It has a smooth and intuitive user experience.
  • It is centered around personalized experience.
  • It keeps things human-oriented.
  • It avoids wasting the user's precious time.
  • It appeals to the target market without losing brand identity.

Therefore, the main characteristics of high-converting marketing websites are value, trust, security, brand identity, content, user experience, and personalization.

Tips for Creating SaaS websites that Convert

Guided by the main characteristics of successful corporate websites and current trends in web design, we have collected some excellent tips and tricks that help to create a marketing website that converts.

  • Define the goal of your landing page.
  • Have a clear message and get it across quickly.
  • Use direct buttons with action words and eye-catching design.
  • Add pictures of the software because people do not go into buying things blindly.
  • Stripped down of unnecessary information.
  • Explain what exactly the service offers. Provide more insight into the features.
  • Emphasize the value of the service. Tell people how it can help them.
  • Place a bold statement about the company and service right in the hero area.
  • Sum up your service to create a value proposition.
  • Provide clean navigation that is accessible from any point on the website.
  • Do not include extravagant graphics. Business should speak the business language.
  • Qualify the value of the product by showing famous brands and impressive statistics.
  • Stick to simple sign-up forms.
  • Place elements that are meant to convert - sing up form, call-to-action - above the fold. This way, you will give users what they need right away.
  • Use chatbots, personal assistants, cookies, and preferences to create a personal experience.
  • Give a free trial to let your users savor your product.
  • Make a website accessible to all groups of people.

Last but not least. Do A/B tests with all elements on the landing page. Whether it is a minor detail of website footer design like an icon or a crucial aspect of marketing strategies like call-to-action or value proposition, everything should be thoroughly tested.

In addition, A/B tests should be done regularly. The thing is people change their preferences and tastes all the time. Several years ago, we all loved clean, oversimplified flat web designs, whereas this year, we all appreciate vibrant illustrations and tiny dynamic interactions. Therefore, follow the mainstreams to keep your SaaS website up-to-date. It will help to meet the trends and requirements of the customers at the present time.

Collection of SaaS Websites that Convert

Consider some great examples of SaaS websites that convert to find your source of inspiration to polish and perfect your marketing website.


Moosend is an excellent example of a marketing website with an elaborate web design that offers an intuitive environment based on an easy-to-follow layout. Visitors get quick access to important information. The value proposition is well-thought-out: it sounds promising to ensure security. Along with smart illustration, it is featured above the fold.

The marketing message is clear; the product is promoted from various angles, and the value is evident. This website design naturally establishes credibility and generates conversions.


Trello is one of the most popular corporate websites in online expanses. It shows us one of the best practices in action. If people are already familiar with your service, then you can strip down almost all information and focus only on critical elements getting down to business. Therefore, Trello's landing page just determines what the service offers and provides a sign-up and sign-in forms right from the get-go.

The team also follows the current mainstreams. They have used human illustrations that are one of the favorite tools of website agencies these days. This way they have created a powerful opening section that boosts up conversions.


The website design of Dropbox continually undergoes changes. The team adores maximizing on the best practices. This time they have capitalized on A/B testing. As a result, we have seen various incarnations of its landing page lately.

The current version of web design adopts a content-heavy approach where the opening section generates conversions with the help of value proposition, a substantial descriptive screenshot, a message that highlights the functionality of the service, and two smart call-to-actions.

We have featured Goliaths of industry; however, what about startups? Consider Geckoboard, a young team of entrepreneurs that has a highly promising SaaS website.


When you are a new kid in a block - a young SaaS website - you cannot be extremely oversimplified. On the contrary, you need to include multiple messages and reasons why your product is beneficial. The team behind Geckoboard knows it perfectly well.

They have used a headline that directly references a common problem, and messages and images to familiarize audiences with the product. They also have witty illustrations of the app in action. This is another ace in the hole of leading web design agency and designers these days that naturally establish a friendly atmosphere.


In a sea of lookalike SaaS websites, it is always hard to make your brand heard, say nothing about increasing conversions, and generating leads. All marketing website companies will tell you that your corporate website should be a symphony of value, promotion, content, design, and experience. Therefore, take it seriously. Follow these best practices to create a web design for your marketing website that will cut through all the competition and help your brand occupy a place under the Sun.