Web app development services

Our web app development agency team builds web, and Front-end applications using modern web application frameworks for innovative tech brands and companies.


Apple TV app UI development


Redesign of the support portal and 30% improvement in users’ ability to get the answers they want


Developing micro-interactions for the Lightning Design System

Web app development approach

We act as an extension of product development departments within tech companies by providing remote staff augmentation. Our multidisciplinary development teams are in constant collaboration with the in-house departments and undergo many iterative improvements and full process transparency.

Our capabilities in web development services

By extending our clients' teams, we provide a full development lifecycle, including UI/UX design for native mobile and web applications that helps innovative companies and established brands achieve their business goals.


  • Requirements gathering
  • POC and rapid prototyping
  • UI development
  • Business logic implementation
  • 3rd party integrations


  • API design & development
  • Database architecture
  • Microservices
  • Continuous integration
  • DevOps

Web application development clients

We help SMB and Enterprise companies take advantage of modern mobile technologies and cross-platform solutions to continue dominating their sectors and stand out on the market.

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Ramotion did very well. My company is very satisfied with their work and performance.
Jason Pareti
Jason Pareti
CTO at Photo Finale
Thanks to the new back-end system built by Ramotion, we can retrieve comprehensive information faster than before.
Jean Kersaint
Jean Kersaint
They have performed beyond our expectations.
Andre Marrett
Andre Marrett
Co-founder at BusinessWeather

FAQ on web app development services

  • Which services does your web application development agency provide?

    Our company offers a comprehensive and wide range of web application development services.

    Our team comprises highly qualified web developers capable of creating engaging, elegant, high-performance web application apps oriented to your business needs and goals.

    We can ensure that your web application has all the critical phases and services required to develop a quality web application. Some of the services that our company provides include the following

    1. Project plan

    Our team defines project requirements and outlines the custom software solutions for a future web application. We provide a high-level project plan giving a rough estimated time and budget.

    2. UX and UI design

    Our UX/UI specialists develop an entirely flexible and interactive web app navigation.

    Our team can support your digital project even after its completion. At the same time, the implemented design will contribute to a smooth digital experience across all devices.

    3. Web app development

    Our team is skilled in understanding and using various web development tools.

    4. Third-Party integrations

    We integrate different 3-d party solutions into your web app with CMS or customized solutions APIs.

    5. Optimization and evolution

    To support your digital project, our team is capable of continuously optimizing and enhancing your web app.

  • What is your web app development company's process?

    Our team's results have shown customer satisfaction among our clients. Our development process is broken down into the following significant steps:

    1. Discovery

    We collect your core project requirements: user personas, critical use cases, competitive analysis, pain points, business goals, and industry best practices.

    2. Project Audit

    We perform a complete product strategy analysis, which includes: equity analysis, areas of opportunity, takeaway synthesis, and WCAG 2.0 accessibility check.

    3. Website structure

    The structure development consists of information architecture, a website map, and a writing copy based on verbal identity.

    4. Design process 

    Our design team develops and implements a visual positioning of your web app. After that, we create 2-3 concepts of the critical web pages, high-fidelity wireframes, and an interactive prototype.

    5. Visual design

    Visual design is almost an immersive part of your business. Here, you are designing the layout of the Web page application and a user journey map.

    6. Web structure & development

    After the front-end development tasks have been finished, we implement all pages and content in CMS while developing web pages and their components.

    7. QA Testing

    Once most of the back-end work has been finished, developing unit tests and other security processes for each web app page is necessary.

    8. Visual content

    Additional design assets come to your web app's main layout, such as iconography, illustrations, and photography style.

    9. Various Integrations

    As the last checkmark, we integrate different third-party integrations if you require them. Some examples include Google Tag, a/b testing tools, CRM, etc.

  • How many web app developers are needed to make an application?

    Typically, when it comes to web app development with a web application development agency in Los Angeles, almost everyone wants to know the approximate number of web application developers required to develop a custom web application.

    Nonetheless, the development process of a web app is complex; it requires 5 to 6 web developers to ensure that a web app will go through each development stage.

    So, if you are looking for local companies around your area, our team can provide the necessary experience. We are also an established web application development firm in New York and a web application development company in San Francisco.

  • How much will it cost to develop an app with web application development company?

    The exact cost of web application development depends on various factors:

    The first thing that directly impacts the project's overall cost is the intended scope of work or the tasks.

    Whether you are preparing to build a complex infrastructure with many interconnected functionalities or want to create an E-Commerce website under your brand, it does matter.

    The following essential aspect of the web application development process is the complexity of the desired UI/UX structure.

    Compared to the template solutions that every second similar project has, the custom ones will take a reasonable amount of time for the developers to bring to life.

    Thus, if you want to create a solid web app with various animations and good service for customers, you need to reserve time and money for that too.

    The last factor that can influence the total cost of a web application is the location of the web developers.

    If you take, for example, the developer stationed in North America (Canada and USA), the average card rate would go somewhere between $80/hr - $250/hr (considered one of the highest rates in the entire world).

    On the contrary, the rate of Eastern European countries (Ukraine, for example) would go as low as $20-$50 per hour.

    Our pricing is connected with the scope of the intended development work, the team structure, the complexity of your digital project, and a rate card. Typically, the hourly rates start from $100/per hour for one web developer.

    Therefore, the development costs may increase depending on the level of expertise of the web developer and the overall complexity your project requires.

    Our clients typically hire us on Time & Materials workflow when our experts extend their teams with our design and development opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

    This method allows every developer to be completely flexible with any upcoming changes and engage in the digital transformation of your project fast.

    Generally, a 10-15 page web app with new features for a tech startup begins from $50,000 onwards.

    All our proposals and offers are based on our hourly rates, even though we usually work with a fixed budget.

  • Does your web app development agency build web applications and PWA?

    Yes, our project management team develops and designs a massive variety of high-performing apps for the web together with their respective progressive web apps. These two terms are very close since the PWA is just a working version of a web app on a user's mobile phone.

    A progressive web app with a user interface is an application that is created on a web framework. In contrast to a mobile app, consumers can utilize a PWA by accessing a URL via a mobile web browser. Users don't need to use separate mobile applications to use the web app.

    PWAs utilize service workers and web apps to provide most of the capabilities afforded by native apps, including various notifications, better performance, and an intuitive experience similar to the mobile app. Users can also access most of the functions when offline.

    The PWA web applications are heavily supported by the most significant enterprise corporations like Google or Microsoft. More specifically, Google constantly develops guidelines and tutorials with the most insightful progressive web application use cases.

    Ergo, it leads to the fact that many developers are more likely to consider the PWA technology. Some great examples of PWA projects include AliExpress, Flipkart, and OLX.

    Each can individually prove that building such applications for e-commerce is very beneficial and profitable.

    Our web development company implemented various secure apps during the recent projects that have successfully launched full-fledged digital products.

    Alongside developing user-friendly web applications, our team also supports the implementation of PWA, as many great apps are implemented both as web apps and PWAs.

  • What tools does your web application development agency use in its workflow?

    As a digital product agency, we use various web application development tools. However, we primarily stick to those our partners have chosen as their initial technical stack.

    Apart from that, during the development of our client's web apps, we adhere to Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Figma.

  • What technologies do your web application developers use?

    Once our development team dives into the development process of your digital project, we carefully examine each of your business requirements using the latest technologies, data analytics, operating systems, and best digital solutions according to the native app experience. Thus, we can suggest what may work best for your digital project case.

    As a web app development company, we work closely with our client's team, so we stick with the technologies and a service they require for their web portal.

    We enjoy working with ReactJS, React Native, and Vanilla JS. We use functional programming, so some front-end projects are written in PureScript and Elm. But, our experienced web developers are talented, so they are open to using TypeScript, Lodash, and other technologies and services if necessary for creating a progressive web app.

    We try to integrate many technologies with the digital strategy. Here are some of them:

    • Machine learning
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Big data
    • Third-party services integration
    • Quality assurance
    • Cloud Engineering
  • What types of companies need web application development services?

    In the current and advanced technological age, almost every single existing company needs a website.

    On the contrary, the web application may be relevant for certain startups and enterprises that aim for the designated target audience with many active users.

    However, most companies or startups from different industries need two core requirements: the digital aspect of their product and its accessibility.

    The first one typically means that large companies or SMB firms develop their product in a digital format that can be easily accessed via a web browser. The second criterion concerns whether the product can be conveniently accessed from the browser and not a mobile app.

    In a nutshell, here is a small list of companies that do need web apps:

    • Fast growth companies
    • Companies with global brands
    • Innovative startups
    • Firms from all kinds of various industries
    • World's leading companies
  • What's the difference between a website and a web application?

    There have been many debates and discussions about the core differences. And it's very apparent since there are many websites that many companies are constantly making.

    So let's try to break down these two common web development concepts and see their main differences.

    A website is a collection of logically connected web development pages containing images, text, audio, video, and other information formats. The most notable difference between a website is that it has only basic information to display, but it doesn't have any features that an Internet user can interact with.

    Many companies use websites during their business development process to demonstrate the value of their company.

    Reasons to create a website for your business:

    • Websites are highly effective for promoting your products and services via online resources.
    • Creating a website enables you to establish the social proof of your business.
    • The website assists you in developing a brand identity for your firm.
    • The website assists in achieving your business objectives and goals.
    • If you have a website of your own, you will have an opportunity to expand your current customer service.

    A web application is a software product similar to a regular website. However, the significant difference is that a web app has many features that constantly interact with the users.

    For example, during a web application development process, a dev team may implement an authentication function that allows a regular user to profile on the specified web app.

    That way, users can interact with the information or even purchase various products while browsing web apps or responsive websites.

    • Web applications are much easier to maintain since they all use the same code structure, and there are no known incompatibilities (except for the different tech stack, which also may not pose a huge issue at all).
    • Web apps can be utilized on any platform that supports current browsers on any modern operating system, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.
    • Approval from the mobile app store is not necessary for web applications.
    • You can release your web app anytime and in any configuration. Therefore, you do not need to notify users when you update your web app, as it can happen live.
    • You can access any web application from any PC anytime without restrictions. There is also mobile app development because there are many mobile apps for mobile gadgets. Progressive web apps and web and mobile applications can be used from a smartphone.
    • For any firm, web portals are a cost-effective solution.
    • Web applications are a piece of software that utilizes the Internet and are accessed via the mobile device's web browser. As a result, there is no need to download or install them.
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